Couples Counseling: When and Why?

Couple Having Arguement At Home

Nothing is more satisfying than being in love—nor more painful than facing the loss of love.

Whether you’re married or living together, odds are you’ve found this page because you’re in crisis. That means both danger and opportunity.

The danger may be shutting down (many couples stop talking and grow apart). Or it may be “acting out:” fighting or seeking love elsewhere (affairs, internet, alcohol, etc.)

The opportunity is to learn new ways to connect with yourself and your mate. This may be the best time to learn to accept and express your deeper feelings and needs—and even appreciate them!

Effective therapy can turn crisis into new ways to connect. My couples’ work helps clients resolve conflict by recognizing mutual needs for deep, secure connection & empathy. It is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense. (See for details about the science behind this work).

Clients describe me as warm, human, and responsive. I continue to work on my own growth (being in therapy, meditating, etc). I see counseling as a partnership, where both therapist and client grow. Research shows that personal connection with the therapist is central to healing—so please call and see if we “click.” Or, if you’re not ready, email me for a free quiz you can take to assess the health of your relationship.

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