Individual Coaching: Why Hire a Coach?

Is there something you really want to do in life, and you’re not doing it? Or your gut tells you you’re not performing (or earning) at the level you could be

I believe that, without a coach, most people will follow the path of least resistance in life.

The problem with that is that most of us have a deeply ingrained internal voice that says, “who do you think you are?”

This voice gets especially loud when we pursue our most deeply-felt yearnings—both in the world of work and the world of love. A good coach consistently reflects to us our better aspects and core strengths—and holds us accountable to take the small but consistent steps required to give our greatest contribution—and get the deepest sense of fulfillment. “Brad Gilbert [coach] saved my career” (Andre Agassi).

Take a look at my article, Happiness: A Work in ProgressThere are questions there to help you hone in on your life purpose. If you can feel BOTH the powerful pull toward what you know you are called to do—and the pain at the idea of living the rest of your life NOT doing that—give me a call to see if you and I might be a “fit.”

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Coaching Clients Say…

“With your help and guidance I was able to create exactly the position and environment I was seeking. This was quite a feat since when I came to you I didn’t know what I was seeking.” — M.W.

“You showed me all my positive traits, and more importantly, Don, you taught me how to further my enjoyment of life, and how to apply these qualities in myself to further other people’s enjoyment and growth…” — W.E.

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