Partners 4 Well Being: Founder’s Story and Company’s Mission

don-rossMy story began in Los Angeles in 1951. Born to privilege in the affluent suburb of Brentwood, I learned that all was not as it appeared to be.While my brother and I never lacked for anything materially, I was aware from the earliest age that we were not the “Leave It to Beaver” family.

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Poolside with Mom, 1955

Mom drank and had a terrible temper. Dad was gone on business about half the time and, when he was home, he wasn’t much more available.

I saw that, if I wanted the love and guidance I needed to grow up, I would have to get them elsewhere. Somehow, I knew that I did indeed deserve to be loved.

So I found friends, caring teachers, and books. And I cherished a hope that one day I would in time grow up, fall in love and start my own family.

It didn’t exactly turn out that way. But that hunger for growth has sustained me for my 60+ years. And, along the way, I’ve amassed a huge arsenal of tools for helping others to grow into human beings they can be proud of.

Partners 4 Well Being Mission:

To catalyze the spread of well-being and contribution and reduce isolation and suffering.