Reviews for Don Ross, LMFT

Reaaching Up Into The Sky

“…got back in touch with successful [entrepreneur part of self] in the world… more ongoing positive conversation with myself about money” …[as coach] “extremely supportive…acknowledgment…fountain of positive ideas and resources…extremely healing…” — M.B.

“…feel really seen and heard by you…always feel uplifted and inspired… writing out initial Results Game… it’s all happening now… helped me get back in touch with all the power and confidence and aliveness I had as a child…[had only remembered abuse and trauma]” — R.K.

“With your help and guidance I was able to create exactly the position and environment I was seeking. This was quite a feat since when I came to you I didn’t know what I was seeking.”
— M.W.

“You showed me all my positive traits, and more importantly, Don, you taught me how to further my enjoyment of life, and how to apply these qualities in myself to further other people’s enjoyment and growth. After seven weeks of counseling, I landed a job [in chosen field]. I sent out two resumes [based on assessment] profile, and was offered both jobs.” — W.E.

“…having had the negative experience of a job elimination, I felt directionless and anxious about presenting and selling myself to desirable employers. The work we did together helped me clarify and personal  strengths…really helped restore and even raise my self-confidence.” — J.K.

“I am now working full time in [chosen profession]. I have begun to deal with other troublesome aspects in my life because of your advice, and it has given me a lot of strength to know someone was there. I have begun to believe in my strengths and abilities [which I learned to use] in my job search.” — R.H.

“I used to be an unemployed teacher…didn’t know what I really wanted to do.  Now I am managing a computer training school….and I love my job! — Z.T.

“Don is a gifted career counselor… exceptional repetoire of assessment techniques, tests, and processes… [skilled in teaching] clients to locate potential employers, find the decision maker, and convince him or her to hire. Don also writes outstanding resumes. Don really cares about his clients, and they respond to that caring. He is also an excellent motivator.” — J.C., former supervisor